3 Tips on how to make online violin lessons work

As we face a new normal because of the pandemic, we have to make various adjustments on how we normally do things. The once crowded streets are now empty and even the city never sleeps has now found its time to doze off. All because of a virus that has caused us to stay away as far as possible to human contact. However, as humans we always find ways to cope and adjust to things. This kind of crisis has shown how resilient the human population can be as we have found ways to continue doing the things we love without risking our health. With this, there has been a spike in demand of online platforms that offer services to connect people. Since cities all over the world have been in lockdown ever since the start of this year, people have found ways to meet and interact with each other online via popular platforms like Skype and Zoom.

This only shows that we have learned to adjust and that we can still continue to do the things we want to do with precaution. Just like venturing in new hobbies like playing the violin. Enrolling in violin classes Singapore sessions has been made possible through online classes. One might find this hard as it is not the usual face-to face sessions but there many things that we can do to make this work. It would be like having private violin lessons at home. In this article, we will give you 3 tips how to make online violin lessons work.

#1 Set up a space

The first thing to do when you want to conduct an online class at home, whether it is in a group setting or private violin lessons, is to set up your own space. A space where you have everything you need for that online violin lessons Singapore session. It should be a space you are comfortable enough and is away from distractions. Since it is an online violin class Singapore session, there are a few things that you have to prepare.

First is to make sure that you have a music or a violin stand. Having a music stand helps you be in the proper posture while practicing. Being used to doing the proper posture while in your violin lessons Singapore session is important not only for playing but also to avoid injuries. Now that you have your music stand, gather your music sheets somewhere near that to be easily accessible. You would also be needing a pencil as this is useful as you go attend your group or private violin lessons at home.

When it comes to the hardware you would be needing, it is advisable to prepare two cameras to cover your fingers and your upper body while attending the class. A laptop or a desktop computer with a decent camera is also preferred. Lastly, add reliable headphones with microphone for you to clearly understand the violin lessons Singapore online and be able to communicate with the violin teacher well.

#2 Know your goals

Now that you have prepared the physical things you need for the online class, be sure that you are ready yourself. You have to have a goal. Having a goal would help you stay focused on your private violin lessons. You would not be distracted as easily as you know that there are goals to achieve at the end of the day.

Your goals should not have to be big goals every single time. You have to keep them attainable. When you set impossible goals for yourself, it is most likely that you will only end up frustrated. Thus, hindering your progress with the violin lessons Singapore sessions that you are attending. It is okay to take things slowly as long as you know that you are progressing.

#3 Have fun

Music should be enjoyed. That is why attending violin lessons Singapore should be something that would bring you joy. It should not feel like a forced chore. When you know your goals are attainable, then you are more likely to have fun. Do not force yourself into things that would take away the fun in doing it. Our brain tends to reject things that only bring frustration. We easily pick up and learn things when we do it happily. Therefore, setting realistic and attainable goals is the key to having fun.

Have fun with us.

In Violin Lessons Singapore, we offer group or private violin lessons that are surely fun. Acquire a new skill and learn a new instrument with us. There are different packages that offer different lesson setups. You can do it in the studio or in the comfort of your home via online classes. Visit us today and enroll in your violin lessons!