5 Amazon Web series(Indian) you can watch during the lockdown

Being at home during this lockdown has not been easy for anyone.

We are quarantined and not sure for how long. And now we have a lot of extra which is quite difficult to pass, so here I am going to give you some of my personal suggestions, over some India/Hindi web series over Amazon prime, which will help you, detach for a while from the lockdown.

1. Panchayatyat (8.9 rating on IMDB):

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This is the story of a Delhi guy(Abhishek Tripathi) who is unable to find a good job despite being a graduate in the city, and now he is forced to do a govt job in a remote village. This film contains good comedy and drama, series shows how a Delhi guy manages himself in a village. There are many funny and serious incident occurs, which a normal person had faced once in his life. He managed himself to create a family member relation from an unknown panchyat employee. Must watch web series, don’t let you get bored while watching.
Cast: Jitendra Kumar, Neena Gupta, Raghuvir Yadav, Chandan Roy

2. The Family man (8.6 rating on IMDB)

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This is a drama-action story of a common middle-class man (Manoj Bajpayee), who was working in a special cell of the National Investigation Agency. Series shows the problem faced by a middle-class man, while working for the country and side by side need to face the family issues because of less earning.

3. Breathe (8.4 rating on IMDB)

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This is a crime-drama-thriller web series, which shows how far anyone can go to protect his love once. It’s a story of an ordinary man Danny(R. Madhavan), who wants to protect his son and for this, he murdered some organ donors, and then a Crime Branch officer (Kabir) enters into the story, to solve the case and find the suspect. But here comes the twist Kabir finds the suspect but he doesn’t have any proof or evidence.

4. Laakhon main ek (8.2 rating on IMDB): This web series has 2 Seasons

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Season 1: This is a story of a student(Akash), who was sent to for IIT coaching, against his choice. He wants to do mimicry videos and post them online. And then in coaching, he met his 2 friends, and does all the notorious things with his friend and learns about life. And final quit IIT class.

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Season 2: This is a story of an intern Doctor(Dr. Shreya), who was posted in Sitlapur village to conduct a cataract camp. And there she faces a lot of issues while organizing that camp. After lots of struggle, she was able to organize that camp, but in the end, the operation goes wrong which are conducted at the camp. And all the blame was put on her, Just because she wants to find the culprit.

5. Inside Edge (8 ratings on IMDB)

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This is the story of a Mumbai Mavericks, which is a T20 cricket team. Here you can see the reel story of an IPL(Indian Premier League). If you are interested in Cricket then you much watch this. Here you can see how everyone is running after the Money, Power or Fame. But in the end, everyone lost their power, fame, and money.
Note: This web series contains a lot of adult content, So its rated 18+.

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