In this modern age, there are several categories of custom boxes in the marketplace, mostly required for many applications such as delivery, presents, & storage. Kraft packages are now the most common cardboard boxes in the wide packing solutions. At Fast Custom Boxes, we provide all verity of Kraft boxes to facilitate our clients with their different ways of packing. They offer comfort to our regular life while carrying different items. 

While custom cardboard packages are on the marketplace currently, many consumers still chose packaging boxes made of the Kraft board. 

  • Firstly, Kraft packages are Eco-sustainable since they are manufactured of solid pine products. 
  • Secondly, these wholesale printed packages are fully biodegradable. 
  • Third, Kraft packages are sturdy enough to protect and carry goods within themselves. 
  • Fourth, pine fibers perform a significant job in making top-notch Kraft boxes. 
  • Moreover, using Kraft raw material does not affect the surroundings.

Types of Kraft Packages:

Kraft board is the product that creates such Kraft packages, so they’re called with its name. Each sector provides a range of packages of Kraft paper that one could not even imagine. A large number of applications bring us multitude categories of Kraft cases. Let us discussthe top 6 uses of these Kraft packageswith their uses in details.

1. Mailer Kraft Packages:

Kraft Packages also provide a broad range of of mailer boxes with different designs. As its title indicates, these containers will deliver goods to large or small range locations, at the doorstep of clients. For this purpose, you could even get lockable and perfectly sealed Kraft packages. Mailer packages are conveniently used to secure the items appropriately to assure the security of the goods from all kinds of damages during transportation. 

  • We suggest you seal your Kraft packages with the help of shipment tapes to improve protection.
  • Furthermore, corrugated Kraft packages are extremely appropriate for the cargo of delicate, precious, and expensive items.

2. Counter Showcase Packages:

We could see these Kraft packaging boxes in almost every supermarket from candy boxes to beauty products, decorative items as well as bakeries. This Kraft packaging is widely used with its different features. The benefit of having these packaging boxes is attracting consumers and increasing your sales. Moreover, in large brand shops, the receptionist desk uses them for their marketing and promotion. 

Since these packages need little room. So they’re prevalent to merchants. Such counter showcase Kraft packages could be modified to every dimension, and promotional panel to match market packaging of different products. They are also a fine choice for the packaging of your brand products.

3. Window Bakery Packages:

Kraft Packaging is also ideal to pack food and all kind of eatables. They can be crafted in different styles and designs using durable materials. Generally, these packages contain handles to simplify food delivery. Kraft containers are used by bakeries to wrap desserts, muffins, biscuits, and much more.

Clients are intrigued by these boxes designed to store their items. Bakeries also prefer Kraft containers to place cupcakes, candies, or other desserts. We know it quite well, and now it’s a traditional act to offer desserts on various events. Hence, the business demands a range of delicately crafted Kraft packages to be delivered as per their business or events need.  

  • These personalized Kraft boxes become popular for Birthdays, Parties, Baby Shower, New Year Gatherings, engagements, wedding Celebrations, or other holy occasions. 
  • They could be seen as a preferred box in business meetings.
  • Moreover, Kraft packages are one major issue-solver as they don’t have gender discrimination. 
  • Furthermore, you might have them to gift special things to your beloved. You could also get them to advertise your bakery items.

4. Jewelry Packages:

Everyone has seen rigid plastic cases for jewelry. But now Kraft packages are also a popular type of jewelry packages. These custom packages are primarily designed for holding jewelry or marketing of personalized jewels to boost the company’s revenue. Famous jewelry brands use these packages to distinguish their products from others. A plain and eco – friendly Kraft case with the addition of white padding is a pleasant option to secure and arrange the jewels like a bracelet, brooches to highlight their glamour. 

  • Such Kraft packages are a great match for beauty products. 
  • We know that items to be applied on our skin, demand top-notch custom boxes, to secure their inner components. 
  • In our real experiences, we always find Kraft boxes utilized for lip-gloss, nail polish, blush, and makeup.

5. Drawer Slide Style:

Such Kraft packages are bendable and plain containers. These Boxes contain a paperboard sleeve along with a moving drawer. They are tucked along with some specific pieces of cardboard. Its sleeve could be created with transparent plastic. Different stores get these types of custom Kraft packages in a range of different colors and styles. 

6. Cylinder Tube Packages:

Cylinder tube boxes are also a common form of Kraft packages. These are typically stiff, but not composed of chipboard. All such tubes are made up of raw material of Kraft rolled in a rotating mold to give them a proper shape. These tube-shaped custom boxes could hold several products with their wide diameters. 

Often, smaller size tube packages are required to pack items like Essential Oil, Hemp Oils, Medicines, Plastic bottles, and all other rounded products. These durable Kraft packages are a superior packing alternative than circular-shaped paper packages. At Fast Custom Boxes, they could be modified to every width as well as length to suit the dimensions of the goods.


In this modern age, with the advancement in technologies. A lot of different types of products are launching in every business sector. Similarly, the packages are also transformed from old-plane readymade boxes to custom boxes with unlimited types. After getting the details of Kraft packages types above, you will be able to select the most appropriate packaging solution to wrap your product. It will not just save your time and money but also lead your company to achieve its goals of success. 

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