7 Exciting Kid-friendly Parks and Play Spaces in the Philippines – Say no to Gadgets on Trip!

In a world where gadgets are becoming the best friends of your kids, it has turned out to be a huge task to entertain them in a different way. They are so busy in their video games and television shows that even when on a trip, they seek the company of gadgets. Thanks to the establishment of kids-friendly places at tourist destinations that allows family has a great time together. What is your plan for a family vacation this year? If you have the Philippines in your mind, we have good news for you. Check out these superb kid-friendly parks and play spaces in the Philippines.

KidZania Manila

Kids learn best from practical examples, by experiencing things and that’s what KidZanila allows your kids to do in an interesting way. It is somewhat a real city setting for kids to spend their time in their favorite way. What are we talking about? KidZania Manila involves kids in role-playing games that connect to real-life scenarios. There are almost 70 role-playing activities in around 55 establishments. Kids between 4 and 14 years of age can choose from activities that either ask them to pay for a required service or roles that will pay them for their work.

Location: Park Triangle, Taguig City

Enchanted Kingdom

The Enchanted Kingdom is a theme park spread over an area of 17 hectares inaugurated in the year 1995 is among the oldest of its kind in the Philippines. With a total of 30 rides that includes 2 roller coasters and 2 water rides, it is one of the most popular child-friendly travel destinations in the Philippines.

The park has got 7 themed zones spread all around – Boulderbille, Victoria Park, Portabello, Midway Boardwalk, Spaceport, and Jungle Outpost. It also organizes shows that not just entertain the kids but also offer them educational values. Moreover, you don’t need to be a kid to have fun here.

Location: San Lorenzo Road, Santa Rosa in Laguna

Sky Ranch Tagaytay

If you want your children to have the fun of carnival rides, there is no better place than Sky Ranch Tagaytay. The place offers thrilling and exciting rides for everyone. The most iconic of all is the Sky Eye, the tallest ferry wheel across the country. It is not just a family place but friends can also have a lot of fun together.

Location:Nasugbu Highway in Tagaytay

La Mesa Ecopark

La Mesa Ecopark is a brilliant work of creating a forest environment in the archipelago as the Filipinos can’t otherwise experience being in a forest. This Ecopark is an initiative taken by various groups coming together to protect the La Mesa Dam by rehabilitation and renovation of the 33-hectare public park.

The La Mesa Ecopark is popular for various reasons like picnics with friends and family, educational trips for children, and outdoor photoshoots. You can take your kids for a one-day trip to this eco-park in order to expand their environmental awareness.

Location:La Messa Dam Compound in Quezon City

Rizal Park

Not everyone knows that Rizal Park in Manila also has a green space perfect for kids. After the statue of the national hero, the next biggest attraction is for kids, the Children Playground. The park has got a good number of things for kids like the sliding and climbing rides. Just make sure you are conscious while your kid lays here as most rides are made of concrete. You won’t want your child to get hurt on a trip. Rizal Park is considered as one of the best family bonding places in Metro Manila. Book your flights to Manila  with eagle.

Location:Barangay 666 Zone 72 in Metro Manila

Fun Ranch

Popular as a kid’s kingdom, Fun Ranch is the best place for kids between 3 and 5 years of age. The park has got amazing padded play spaces, mini trains, bumper boats and cars, a mini Ferris wheel and carousels. You can say it is an amusement park specially built for smaller kids.

Location: Westgate Center, Alabang, Metro Manila

D’ Family Park

In case you are planning to spend a lazy day with your children and you are luckily in Cebu City, visit the D’, Family Park. The kids can enjoy the slides, see-saws, and swings while you can relax in the pool with your partner. A day’s picnic with your loved ones is sometimes a great idea to spend a day in a new place. You will find families chilling in groups on the huge lawn of the park.

Location: Nasipit Road, Cebu City

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