An Ultimate Guide on Computer Monitoring Software for Organizations

The success of a company is highly reliant on the performance of its employees. That’s why; most companies try to maintain a healthy environment for their staff members so, they can work in a comfortable and safe setting.  These days, it has become crucial to track the computers of your workers to ensure they are safe from malicious programs, viruses, and hacking attempts.

Computer monitoring not only keeps the company-owned devices virus-free but it also helps organizations to boost the performance of their workers. There are a lot of incredibly powerful computer monitoring software available in the market and TheOneSpy tracking tool is one of them.

The basic purpose of using the spy tool is to track the screens of your team members. It has the ability to produce live videos on employee actions. Nowadays, due to global pandemic COVID 19, most people are working from home, so the importance of computer monitoring tools has increased. 

Why Companies Should Utilize Computer Spy Software?

Are you willing to monitor the behavior of your workers secretly ad remotely? Are you worried that your company’s performance is decreasing gradually or you think someone is leaking private data to your competitors? To get rid of your confusion andpanics and to enjoy mental peace, you must get monitoring and tracking software.

It captures real-time screens of your staff members’ activities. You can secretly review who is serious about their job and who is wasting time on social media platforms during office hours.It does not matter if your team is working from home or in the office, it can record all their activities easily.

How Can You Boost Your Employees’ Productivity Using Computer Monitoring Software?

Online Computer Tracking

Do you want to know what your workers are doing at the current moment? If yes, then you must use this tool because it captures live videos. It allows you to see what kind of websites they explore and which applications and programs they have installed on their computers. If you think they waste time on social media platforms or watch inappropriate content during the office hours, you can block those sites.

Time Tracking

The monitoring tool has a time-tracking feature that permits you to monitor the work hours of the whole company or some employees. You can grab valuable data on who is absent, coming late, working overtime, and leaving the office early. It produces tracking reports and timesheets in the form of graphs and diagrams that you can view whenever you want.

Productivity Analysis

Do you want to know how much time your team dedicates to work duties and how much time they waste on playing games and other distractions?  The tool supports you to keep an eye on their social networks, Instant messengers, games, and other activities without letting them know.

Screen Recording

Screen recording app helps you record and view the computer activities of your workers at any time. You can see how many programs, applications, and websites that have opened. You can check their emails and memos to know whom they are in contact with. You can easily find the culprit who is sharing confidential information with others. If someone is abusing or harassing others, you can also locate them.

Screenshots and Keyword Alerts

The software has an alert word wizard where you can add numerous keywords. The tool will automatically capture screenshots any time employee types that specific keyword on his PC. It is an extremely powerful feature that empowers you to safeguard your business against potential attempts to steal valuable resources from your company.

Automatic Notifications

The software sends automatic alerts on violations in your organization. It does not matter if an employee is sitting idle, coming late, or visiting blocked sites, a notification will be sent to them instantly. The basic purpose of sending the notification is to remind them that they are not doing what they are supposed to do.


As a businessman, it is not a good strategy to trust your staff members blindly. That’s why; you must get the computer monitoring software to spy on the activities of your team remotely.

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