Are Mobile Development App Development Services Fading Away?

It may be true that mobile app development services are fading away to some extent. This is because startups & small service providers find it impossible to compete with multi-billion dollar companies in developing useful mobile applications.


How far can a newly created mobile app reach? As we cannot expect the people shall download the app from the app store as soon as it is released. Here, marketing efforts play a major role in mobile app development services.

The failure of many apps can be due to poor market research, the lack of originality, or the insufficient quality of the app.

The Fact is….

There is no complete extinction of the mobile development services. If that really happens then, a lot of time is required to adapt to it. The essential benefits of a mobile app can also impact its life.

Native Mobile App Development Services

Native apps have a larger space for improvement en route to people’s choice of using new technologies that provide radical solutions highlighting hybrid apps, progressive web apps or, any other non-native solutions.

There is always a possibility to connect mobile and desktop, websites and native apps.

What are Progressive Web Apps?

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are economical. It provides interactivity and functionality as native apps. It requires less storage space, less installation effort and can run across different devices. These are basically websites that are accessible to both humans and search engines.

Mobile app development services occupy their own role in the market.

In 2021, app developers need the user’s privacy and must capture, store and process user information.

To look out for the mobile app trends then cross-platform app development will continue to provide a smart solution for businesses.

Mobile Wallets

Something that is trending now is mobile wallets. They are Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.

For mobile app development services , mobile wallets can be considered. It should become a standard feature for every app to process transactions. This service is expected to grow in the future!

Mobile App Security

Businesses like to invest more in cybersecurity as it is directly linked to data protection and information privacy laws. Thus, digital security has emerged as one of the top mobile app development trends in 2021.

Not just trending but instant apps are equally popular amongst iOS and Android app developers. It helps them to achieve a better conversion rate compared to the regular mobile apps. Instant apps provide a better user experience and shorter load times.

Swift, Language of Future Mobile App Development

Proving that mobile app development services still make an impact, the Swift programming language is set to play a more important role in future mobile app development. It has become part of the upcoming mobile trends that increase app creation speed, reducing overall cost.

This language is used by 5.9% of respondents worldwide to develop iOS applications. The best feature of Swift is its Interactive Playgrounds that allows you to make any changes to coding without recompiling and fixing errors.

Some more interesting features of Swift language for mobile app development are inferred types and automated memory management

5G Technology

Is it not very fascinating to imagine that there is a technology that can transfer millions of data packets around the world within the seconds?

Globally, 5G technology is going to witness a revenue-opportunity of $12.3 trillion- IHSEconomics

Benefits of 5G Technology

  1. Greater pace to elevate mobile app user retention
  2. Fast data transfer
  3. lower frequency
  4. Great user experience

This technology will be a turnover in the future packed up with all the essential and new features. 5G technology can be useful for mobile app development in various industries like AR/VR, IoT, Smart Cities, Supply Chain, Transportation, and in each area with the difference between 2 milliseconds and 20 milliseconds.

So, it is that just like a desktop, mobile app development services owe a ton of benefits and not really fade away in the industry.

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