Big Tall Men Clothing – 8 Style Tips That Fit

Every person has an individual personality but mostly tall men have been targeted due to their height and incorrect fashion style. We are not saying that tall men should follow all trends but they all should be aware about the things that suit them and things that don’t go with their personality. As due to height they seem prominent among all the people who are standing in the crowd. We are here for providing you some tips without breaking the bank on an entirely new wardrobe.

Switch from Belts to Suspenders
Our number one tip is to avoid belts and try to use suspenders on men’s big and tall pants because belts aren’t much use to men due to large, round stomachs it gives a really pathetic appearance because the shape of the stomach tapers, a circular band around it. Suspenders are a very classic menswear accessory which mostly tall men avoid. From this article I urge you to start wearing suspenders instead of belts and you will surely feel the major differences in your dressing pattern. Although most of the trousers don’t come with the internal anchors for suspenders. You can add them through tailor while providing a couple of bucks, or metal clamp-style suspenders.

Well-Groomed Facial Hair
Facial hair plays a prior role in men’s life. As it enhances your personality and manhood. If you are tall and big and also have an issue of double chin then try to grow a well-groomed beard that can hide a double chin and elongate the face. With stylish dressing it is necessary to have well maintained facial hair that adds spark in your dressing.

Buy Dress Shirts with Spread Collars
Well, if you’ve got a round and broad face, then get a broad collar to go with it. As you have to notice the proportions of the tie, tie knot, and collar. Tll men should buy shirts with a spread collar as it helps keep your face looking proportional, and they give you room to tie a nice big necktie knot as well.

Wear Large Accessories

Tall men should keep this in their mind that proportion plays a great role in their life, so before choosing any particular item, always think about your body structure and proportion. If you are small then always opt for small accessories that suit your face and physique and the same goes for tall men. The bigger you are, the bigger your accessories should be as it is directly proportional. Accessories should be sunglasses, watch, ties, and engraved cufflink, etc.

Wear a Hat

A hat is one of those great accessories that brings life to your attire and almost anything into an outfit. You gain a more vertical space with a hat, that can be nice on tall and big boys.

Wear Tailored Shirts Untucked

Casual Shirts for Tall Men are now easily available in Pakistan. However, it’s a fact that a single plain fabric over the stomach draws less attention than a waistband contrasting with a shirt. Shirts with round, even hems, and Polos shirts are often worn untucked in summer days or casual meetings. However, long-sleeved collared shirts are likely to be worn untucked,but off course in business-dressing situations there’s not much you can do.

Use Colour Sparingly

Dark and plain colours are more complimentary on bigger bodies instead of bright shades but that doesn’t means you should avoid bright colors. On some occasions bright colors also seem amazing but again if you carry it so well.

Be Careful With Pattern

Texture and Pattern is a powerful tool and they have its effects on big and tall men. Avoid wearing horizontal stripes shirts as it will automatically make big men more widen. Even though a tall and big man should purchase a vertical line shirt as it makes your body align.

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