Build you’re Brighter Future with MRI Technician Course and make a secure career

The medical field is constantly dependent on the allied healthcare sectors for its smooth running. One such branch of the field is the branch of radiology which is home to the most efficient imaging technologies of the medical field. The field of MRI is among the most essential fields allied with the core healthcare facilities for the better diagnosis and treatment of diseases and various other complications. Thus, as the healthcare sector is expanding, the need for skilled and well-trained MRI technicians in the field is also increasing.

The MRI technician course that you would like to opt for mainly aims at ensuring that the candidates go through a defined training process. This process is designed to train the aspirants with all the skills and knowledge that would be necessary to work in the allied healthcare sector with the highest efficiency. The field of work as an MRI technician is an excellent option as it is not only affordable but it also offers a very promising job prospect. However, the application process to get into this certificate course is very selective and not everyone can get through.

What is the Function of an MRI Technician?

The work of a radiographer and MRI technician is to produce radiographic images of the patients with the help of X-rays. These images help the doctors and physicians to have a better insight into the human body and deduce the exact condition of the human body. The field of radiology and MRI happens to be one of the most popular and interesting fields of the allied healthcare sector. Not only that, but it also happens to be a hot favorite among the Indian aspirants who are looking for a career in the medical workforce. 

The field of MRI technology falls under the category of Interventional Radiology. In this field, superior quality imaging techniques namely MRI are used to offer better treatment and diagnosis to the patients with minimal invasions to the body.

How to Apply for the Right College?

Before you wish to start with the application process, you must look for an MRI technician course near me. There are several options out there and thus you must look for options before you opt for the application process. To find the right college, you can follow the steps as below:

  • Do Your Research: You need to look through options as there are several. The search for the right college should be based entirely upon your preference like location-wise, amenities and accommodation-wise, and so on.
  • Look into the College You Choose: Once you have searched for a few colleges based on your preference, you should visit those colleges and get in touch with the admission cell of the college. The individual or team representing the college would help you understand the prospects of the college and guide you through how the admission process works based on your past academic and educational performance. This visit should also be the right time to clear any doubts that you may have about the enrollment procedure.

What are the Eligibility Criteria for the Course?

The eligibility criteria for the candidate vary depending upon the category of the course that the candidate has opted for. Moreover, the candidates may even have to enroll themselves for university-level entrance exams based on individual colleges. Thus, here are some of the key prerequisites that need to be taken care of to make the right decision. 

  • Certificate and Diploma Courses: These courses do not require any entrance exams and the candidates shall apply for them right after their 12th exams But it must be noted that the candidates should have science as their core background and they must obtain a minimum of 45-55% in the final board exams.
  • For Undergraduate Courses: For these courses, the aspirants must have obtained a minimum of 50% in the science stream in their 12th exam. A lot of universities may also require the students to appear for entrance exams and the students must score above the cutoff marks for admission. 
  • For Postgraduate Courses: To apply for these courses, you must have graduated in any Radiology course. Some colleges also offer admission to students with Diploma or PG Diploma certificates for the courses. It is always best to get in touch with the college administration of your choice and verify if you are eligible or not.

What is the Fee Structure and Future Scope of the Course?

The fee structure for the course depends entirely upon the course and college chosen by the candidate. For the bachelor’s degree, the cost of the course is about 1-2 lakhs while for the post-graduation programs, you will need to spend somewhere around 2-4 lakhs. But when you opt for government colleges, the fee structures are usually better and more economic. For diploma and certificate courses, the cost ranges between 50,000 and 60,000, depending on the institution. 

The need for efficient, skilled, and well-trained MRI technicians is constantly growing in the Indian healthcare sector. Therefore, opting for an MRI technician course can be a very wise call owing to its future scopes. When you start working as an MRI technician, you can very easily earn 2-3 lakhs per annum initially. Depending on your skills, qualifications, experience, and the location of the job, the salaries can go up steadily over the years. 

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