Erection Problems – Why Do They Bother Men At A Young Age Even After Fifty?

How to know what can happen when you have erection problems at a young age or after the age of 50?

An erection is a tricky path that involves the organ and the brain, muscles, blood circulation, hormones, and nerves. The unpleasant experience that men of all ages face during their lives is difficulty achieving and maintaining an erection. What are their reasons and solutions?

What can improve/worsen erection?

A man begins to become fully aware of an erection and its consequences, mostly during puberty. At a young age, the male hormone level is at its peak, and most men can get an erection at the slightest stimulus. However, at some point in life, a man may experience erection problems. When does this happen? However, at virtually any time from a statistical point of view, difficulties begin to appear, especially after reaching the age of thirty.

Young men at the physical peak (18 – 30)

When does physical climax occur? This is not related to the number of physical “discharges” per week but the level of hormones. The most important hormone for male sexuality is testosterone, which is essential for men’s physical and reproductive development. If it is not in balance, problems can occur – even with an erection.

Other links with erectile dysfunction in young men are associated with:

  • smoking,
  • steroid use,
  • taking medicines for chronic diseases,
  • alcohol,
  • diabetes,
  • Obesity.

The solution?

Active love life will ensure changes in lifestyle in young men. These can affect the rest of his love life. Positive changes may include exercise, quitting smoking, reducing alcohol intake, and eating essential nutrients. They can also reach for some erection pills like Fildena 100 or Fildena 120 that have no side effects and can help with erection.

Gentlemen “in the best years” (30 – 50)

After its physical peak, a natural loss of testosterone begins, gradually decreasing for the rest of life. In addition to a decrease in physical activity, men may experience a reduction in muscle mass or an increase in health problems. Among the most common reasons why men experience erection problems during this period are:

  • stress,
  • attempts to father a child associated with demotivation and loss of libido,
  • treatment of high blood pressure,
  • lack of physical activity,
  • high cholesterol,
  • Sleep disorders.

The solution?

Rest and relaxation should not be missing in the life of a man of productive age. Stress, bad cholesterol, and sleep disorders can be relieved through exercise and regular exercise. Thanks to him, men also get “testosterone in a natural way” and make sure that his muscles do not weaken. It will help balance blood pressure and relieve yourself of work responsibilities.

Suppose during this period, he tries to conceive a child and struggles with a lack of libido. In that case, he can reach for natural aphrodisiacs, which will support his stamina, physical vitality, and condition.

Erection after the 50th

After reaching the “half-century,” the gentlemen do not want to lose their love life and are actively interested in improving it. However, the problem is often ignoring the signals by which the body reveals that something is wrong. Unresolved health problems can be the reason why the organ strikes. The most common causes of erectile dysfunction in men over 50 include:

  • atherosclerosis (clogged blood vessels – less blood enters the organ than necessary),
  • prostate problems
  • nerve damage (related to penile numbness),
  • neurological diseases (Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease),
  • hormonal disorders,
  • tension, anxiety,
  • Problems in the partnership, insufficient communication (relationship stress).

What are the solutions to erection problems?

When we look at these causes of erectile dysfunction, the logical approach is to eliminate why the organ does not stand properly. Although it sounds simple, the process can be a bit more complicated, and its duration depends on the size of the problem. While with some difficulties a man can handle himself, others require the intervention of an expert.

It often finds application in lifestyle changes that can positively affect a man’s health, but also his relationships. Eliminating bad habits, reducing unhealthy foods that support obesity, including exercise in the daily routine – all of this can wake up again and start an erection.

 The solution?

Neglecting preventive inspections should be taboo in all circumstances. They can reveal many diagnoses related to erectile dysfunction that men might not even think about. They can support the care of their love life with natural supplements suitable for men of all ages. They help maintain physical fitness, affect libido, and exercise in bed.

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