For the beauty of the skin: sleep and food are better than makeup

The skincare begins from inside the body, the health of the person is reflected in his skin and the proper nutrition is followed by healthy skin, and to maintain a fresh skin and a graceful body, it is preferable to take into account many points, the most important of which are Sleep and skin beauty:

Sleep and skin beauty
The need for adequate sleep, equivalent to 8 hours a day, is called “Beaty Sleep”. Sleep is one of the most successful and least expensive skin treatments. No skin creams and cosmetics, regardless of their types, can lead to the desired result if not supported by a calm, deep sleep. Sleep also helps to relax muscles, reduce anxiety and reduce the secretion of stress hormones, thus maintaining healthy skin and skin freshness, as well as cells regenerate more quickly during the night than during the day, as well as the body secretes the growth hormone “Growth Hormone”, which helps to restore and rebuild tissues.
In order for a calm and comfortable sleep to be available, it is preferable not to eat heavy meals before bed according to best skin specialist in Islamabad and to stay away from drinks that contain caffeine, taking into account early sleep, in addition to the smells that emanate from the air during sleep help in deep sleep and from this standpoint were put up pillows and sheets supported with natural properties of aloe vera and algae Marine, copper and other elements work to support the beauty of women and their youth during the period of sleep, as well as there are many foods that help in a quiet sleep because they contain tryptophan, which stimulates the production of serotonin, which helps to relax such as eggs, milk, nuts, wheat, meat, poultry, bananas, dried apricots, as well as foods rich in calcium and magnesium.

Healthy nutrition and the beauty of the skin

Drink water at a rate of 8 cups a day because the water helps in improving blood circulation and thus the access of nutrients to all parts of the body, as well as drinking water helps to get rid of toxins in the body and the skin, thus increasing the complexion of luster And freshness and also focus on drinking hot drinks such as flowers – anise – chamomile and green tea. Increase your intake of foods rich in dietary fiber, such as vegetables and fruits, and it is recommended to eat 40 grams of fiber daily. Increase your intake of foods rich in mineral elements, especially iron, copper and zinc.

Reducing stimulant drinks that contain caffeine, such as tea and coffee, as they have a bad effect on the skin. Avoid fatty foods that contain a high proportion of fats, fried foods, and spicy foods.

Trying to avoid smoking because when smoking the body absorbs some smoke substances such as nicotine and others into the blood, as these substances narrow at the ends of the blood vessels of the body and reduce the percentage of nutrients that reach the skin cells, which makes them more prone to the appearance of wrinkles, lack of freshness and fatigue, since smoking reduces the proportion of nutrients And the oxygen that reaches the skin cells, including collagen, so that smoking increases collagen breakdown, as well as smoking, increases the blackening of the lips and the increase in thickness and hardness of the outer layer of the skin, taking into account that every cigarette you smoke leads to a deficiency of 5 mg of vitamin C.
Exercising to improve blood circulation and increase the nutrients that reach the cells of the body through the blood, as well as sports gain a person a sense of confidence in addition to it purifies the mind and calms nerves and mood and helps to sleep calm and the best types of sports walking – swimming and aerobic exercises.

Trying to avoid stress and psychological tension, because stress has a great effect on the skin and stimulates the body to produce androgens that lead to the excitement of acne and pigmentation and increase sebum secretions.
Focusing on eating foods that help improve mood and calm nerves, such as lettuce and carrots, rice also reduces emotions and causes a state of relaxation, chicken improves mood because it contains amino acids, lemon, apple juice, and berries, as well as chocolate that contains sugar, cocoa, and caffeine, all of which resist depression and also Sweet potatoes, rich in low-fat carbohydrates, are known for their ability to improve mood because they allow the brain to secrete the hormone serotonin, which helps to improve mood, red beans are also rich in iron, which is important to fight depression since iron carries oxygen in the blood, as well as spinach, is rich in vitamin folic acid, which also helps to improve mood We must not forget also the need to eat more pepper, especially red pepper, which helps in the secretion of endorphins in the body, a substance that drives a feeling of happiness, as well as sesame contains vital amine, which is an anti-depressive substance.
Focus on eating dried fruits such as apricots, peaches, plums, and figs, as they help eliminate fatigue, stress, and paleness of the skin, as well as coca fruit, is a major source of magnesium that helps relieve fatigue, laziness, muscle tension, and numbness of fingers, and also the aloe vera plant is important because it contains antibiotics that prevent the growth of germs that It occurs when exposure to sunlight and burning of the skin, as well as chamomile and oatmeal help to smooth the skin. Focus on eating fish twice a week, as it is rich in omega-3 and helps maintain the freshness of the skin, as well as fish contains an amino acid called taprosin and selenion, where they work as a kind of anti-depression, as well as ground flax seeds help in giving fresh skin. Focusing on eating foods rich in vitamins, the fact that the body needs to absorb vitamins from its main sources through healthy nutrition, as cosmetic products that contain vitamins gradually fade away, and one of the most important vitamins responsible for improving the appearance of the skin:

Vitamin (A): as it is considered one of the vitamins of beauty and a lack of a dead body in the body that leads to the roughness of the skin, dry skin and mucous membranes in addition to broken nails and hair peeling and many sources of vitamin A, the most important of which are: carrots – orange – apricot – parsley – cabbage – spinach – liver – yolk Eggs – butter – yogurt and fish oil.

Tretinoin: It is a derivative of vitamin A and has a good effect in treating acne as well as reducing the effects on the skin as a result of too much exposure to the sun, as well as increases the speed of division and reproduction of skin cells.

Vitamin (E): Helps prevent cell damage by enzymes or external factors and helps to clear the skin and its many sources, the most important of which are: – legumes – olive oil – nuts – almonds – peanuts – spinach – wheat oil, and soybean oil – fish – liver, and eggs.

Vitamin (C): one of the most powerful antioxidants and aids in the synthesis of collagen and some hormones. It helps reduce skin irritation after peeling the skin and relieves surface wrinkles. One of its most important sources is guava – orange – lemon – green pepper – tomatoes and cabbage.

Vitamin (B2): its deficiency makes the skin very oily and leads to the appearance of cracks at the corners of the mouth and is found in yeast, milk, meat and peeled grains.

Vitamin (B6): deficiency increases the secretion of sebum in the skin and red pimples with a rash, dryness and redness around the mouth and is found in bananas, wheat, chicken, eggs, liver, hazelnuts and yeast.
Coenzyme Q10: It is a vitamin-like substance found in many skin care products, especially those that contain vitamins. It is found in mackerel, salmon, sardines, beef, peanuts and spinach.

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