HealthPally Tips to Save Costs When Planning Your Wedding

As a groom to-be who’s on a low income, How to save on your wedding expenses would be on your mind.

Many grooms wonder about this but may not dare to say it openly.

If you don’t plan well, things can go wrong and ruin everything.

 So, saving a little here and a little there would save you from running into debt or hardship after wedding, says healthpally boss.

Besides the demands of your bride’s to-be family, there are different areas you can cut your expenses and still have a befitting wedding.

Let’s talk about some of the ways to save funds on wedding ceremony.


Think wedding ceremony, think Saturday! But you can break this stereotype.

It doesn’t have to hold on Saturday, other days can be a good fit as long as it’s still weekend.

In fact, people now have their wedding on any day of the week as long as it’s convenient for them.

You can have it on Friday if it’s to be held at night, and Sunday if it is a day wedding.

The cost of the event centre will be cheaper on these days/hour, usually between 10 and 20% discount can be granted.


Prepare a tasty and seasonal food.

 Nothing very exotic or extravagant but TASTY, extravagances usually cost 20% more.

Be encouraged to remove a dish from the menu.

Maybe 4 beats are too many.

Order for the alcohol basics: red wine, white wine, rum, whiskey, tequila etc.

The more beverage options, the more bottles you will have to buy.


For flower arrangements, ask for flowers of the season and try to choose a nice ornamental accessory (such as bamboo, a candle, crystal, etc.) that is colorful so you don’t have to buy so many flowers!

Don’t ask for the biggest (and most expensive) package from the photographer.

Order the basic and make sure there are many more photos thanks to your guests.

A DJ is cheaper than a musical group. And a good DJ can make a great atmosphere.

Make sure it is what they are looking for, so be creative about making choices here.

Few “memories” are kept by the guests. Don’t overstretch your purse just to please people who’re coming to your wedding.

Give something meaningful and ideally made by you (like a well-made wallet from family recipes) or something tasty like some almonds.

How to save on a wedding in an elegant way depends on the personality of the couple


Cut out guests you know are not very close to you.

People you have not seen for years don’t need to be invited.

You can as well try to avoid co-workers if there are many in the office.

Your intimate friends will understand this.

Don’t skimp too much on the invitations.

If they are very X, nobody will want to go, much less give a gift! Set a reasonable and realistic budget.

That reflects your style and what you want from your event.

andmade paper and jumbo envelopes are not necessary, says healthpally.

If you want a nice but cheap invitation, cut the following: Envelope (that is triptych or diptych), engraving (the highlight, and that it is printed), and the cellophane. These three elements together can lower the cost by up to 30%.

Girlfriend Dressing

Contract the makeup and hairstyle with the stylist you trust, with whom you always do treatments.

The price is much more likely to be reasonable, and she already knows you and your tastes.

Don’t look for the most expensive dress. Find the dress that you really like. If it is worth doing Price & style shopping for the dress.

Don’t spend a fortune on shoes either.

As a woman, I have found that while Jimmy Choo should be fascinating to wear, wedding shoes should be cute and comfortable, not necessarily expensive.

If you know how to do it well, do your makeup, healthpally boss advised.

Boyfriend Dressing

Definitely, renting the suit is an option.

 When buying shoes, think of a shoe that matches the suit (tailcoat, tuxedo, jacket) but that you can also wear on other occasions.

You can tie a good price of the place if you do it well in advance.

The same for other services such as photography, invitations, souvenirs, or limousine.

The whole family can buy bottles of alcohol one by one each week, every 15 days.

That way it doesn’t feel so heavy and the expense is shared.


22. If you consider it appropriate, ask your friends and / or family to be godparents of some things that are not so expensive, such as the deposit, the bow, the glasses, the bouquet, the garter, or more expensive things such as rings, cake, flowers.

It helps a lot. Just let them decide freely if they want to or can.

This is the most controversial form of saving because some consider it in bad taste but doing it with tact is essential.

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