How To Boost Sale With Amazing Lead Generation Tools In 2021?

Developing an unsurprising lead generation tool is no less than a challenge. But businesses that are able to crack the challenge get to benefit from rewards like rapid scaling up.

WordPress development services enable businesses to experiment with anything & everything. This includes developing infographics, optimizing the lead capture forms, boosting leads, sponsoring events, etc.

Getting hold of as many leads as possible is feasible through this. Lead generation tools are very important for capturing & converting leads.

Learn about the few best tools in this blog content.

List of best lead generation tools

  • Intercom– Effective for website lead generation, this is a product with several use cases & components. It comes with a chat & on-site messaging feature for engaging with the on-site visitors for the purpose of information collection. Such Lead generation tools assist in analysing the system’s in-app or on-site behaviour for constructing message triggers. This helps with support, retention or onboarding. This tool also includes an integrated knowledge base
    & help desk for offering support for present customers. Accomplishing sales & marketing is highly convenient with this tool.
  • Leadformly – Separating leads from the non-leads is possible through your form. Even the smallest enhancements in the lead capture form offer great impacts on the overall marketing performance. Among the online lead generation tools, Leadformly is the best for building high-converting forms. It is time to bid adieu to the forms that you can generally receive from email marketing services.

This tool carries automatic lead tool reviews that will urge anyone to give it a try. Starting from utilizing conditional logic, lead segmentation, showcasing progress bar indicators; it has the potential of sweating the minute things for you. The built-in audience insights & analytics of the tool also assist in comprehending the leads & form performance.

  • MailshakeAutomated lead generation software, Mailshake is best for maximum email outreach. Automating & personalizing cold emails is a piece of cake for these lead generation tools. When you avail WordPress development services, the experts always use such tools correctly for leveraging benefits for a business. Mailshake helps with:
  • Content promotion
  • Fundraising
  • Sales development
  • Public relations
  • Link building

In case you are not a pro copywriter, the tool can benefit you with its manifold ready-made templates.

  • Optinmonster – While you are engaging in online marketing & design, the only thing that can frustrate you is popups! But still, you can attract a positive impact from it if you do it well. Automatic lead tools like Optinmonster enables you to implement exit-intent popups when users display signs of abandoning the page. These are much less intrusive in contrast to regular popups. These act as that one last chance for converting visitors into leads. With these lead generation tools, it is also possible to construct A/B tests for enhancing performance.
  • HubSpot Marketing – Are you looking for sound email lead generation software? Hub Spot Marketing is the one for you. You can expect the best sales leads with this as the tool makes it easier to capture & nurture leads. This includes live chat, forms, chatbot, popup forms, etc. You can either integrate these into your CRM or email tool or you can let it be in the free CRM of HubSpot. This is one of the best lead generation software as it helps to construct an inbound advertising flywheel from the beginning to the end. You get the liberty of creating content for alluring visitors & capturing leads via one of the available tools. Nurturing the leads via kickback emails is then just a matter of some time.

Final Say

Without a proper& ongoing boost in sales, neither you can achieve the targeted ROI nor facilitate business growth. Availing WordPress development services can prove to be highly beneficial. The expert teams offering such services know how to use Lead generation tools for maximum benefit. Lead generation software is a massive category. This calls for comprehensive solutions for withstanding the impact of the increasing business workload.

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