Is uTorrent Safe and How to Use it Safely?

About uTorrent

uTorrent is originally written as “μTorrent” in Greek. It is a small and lightweight torrent software developed by BitTorrent. uTorrent occupies only a small amount of computer resources but offering wonderful performance that is comparable to large torrent programs like Vuze and BitComet.

uTorrent is prominent than many torrenting applications. Yet, it still has disadvantages. For example, many people claim that uTorrent brings malware or viruses to their computers and it is not safe. Is this true?

Is uTorrent Safe?

This is a hot topic among users who torrenting, especially for uTorrent users. uTorrent, is it safe? It seems like a simple question. However, you can’t answer the question with a single “yest” or “no”. the situation is complicated and the answer depends.

Is uTorrent Safe to Download?

As for this sub-question, you should also treat it differently for different understanding. If it means to download files via uTorrent app, it is hard to say. Whether the downloading is safe depends on whether the source is safe or not. Since you are probably downing from others’ computers, there is chance to invite the viruses from the source computer to yours.

If you are thinking about the safety of downloading the uTorrent program. You can rest assured by directly downloading it from its official website.

Is uTorrent Safe to Use?

Yet, you may find some people talking about adware, bundleware, or even malware that downloading uTorrent will bring to your computer while surfing the Internet. Don’t worry, if you just pay attention to the date of the discussion, you will find most of them are many years ago.

The truth is that several years ago, uTorrent did include some extra programs into its installation package and made it hard-to-discover for its users. So, most users installed uTorrent with some adware without knowing. Yet, while the using of uTorrent, they are bothered by those malwares and are bored with them. The situation happened mostly on free users.

Under the great pressure of user complaints, the developers of uTorrent have removed the bundleware within uTorrent download. Therefore, nowadays, even the free version of uTorrent is under the great pressure of user complains, the developers of uTorrent have removed those malwares form uTorrent installation file. Therefore, nowadays, the uTorrent application is comparatively clean and safe.

Although there are still ad sections within the UI, they won’t influence the use of the app. Also, maybe the developers will include one or two bundles in uTorrent installation package, you will be prompted to decide whether to install them or not while installing uTorrent.

How to Use uTorrent in a Safer Way?

Although the uTorrent program is generally safe now, the torrenting process with uTorrent is more dangerous with more malicious people relying on hacking others’ computers for benefits. Then, what should we do to protect ourselves and torrent safely?

Step 1. Create a Backup of Important Files

The most secure way is to make a backup of your crucial data and save it in another safer place, better offline. You should be prepared for the worst situation. Once your computer is hijacked and you lose all your files, you can still recover import ones with the backup you created before the disaster.

Therefore, you will need a professional and reliable file backup software. You may rely on the Windows default Backup and Recovery or File History in Windows 10. Yet, if you seek for more advanced backup tasks like schedule backup, incremental backup, or differential backup, you have to ask help for some third-party backup program.

Step 2. Pick up a Reliable Source

When you want to download something from the Internet via torrenting, first of all, you need to select a source. This is import. Whether the source is secure or not depends on whether you have chance to be infected or not.

Thus, you should think twice and choose a comparatively safe source to get the target file. You may have your own trusted sources. Also, there are many sites that are trusted by many others.

Step 3. Build Your Firewall to Keep Viruses out

Usually, you are recommended to keep your firewall, such as Windows Defender, open in case of malware attacks. And, I believe most files can pass the fire gate.

Step 4. Scan Your Computer Regularly with Antivirus Programs

Don’t be too relaxed even when you are not torrenting. Many viruses can incubate for a period on your computer before they finally start destroying. During the incubation, there may be nothing abnormal.

Therefore, even your computer seems pretty healthy and you haven’t torrent for some days, it is still necessary for you to scan your machine for viruses, fully and regularly.