Key Benefits of Adding Social Media Feeds on Websites!

In today’s competitive world of social media, businesses & brands are more concerned about their social presence and online reputation. According to recent research, marketers find it a bit difficult to update the content on the website creatively and engagingly. The solution to this dilemma is to add your social media feeds on the website, to make & keep your website more productive and interesting.

The benefits of adding social media feeds on your website are unquestionable, the blend of platforms results in enhanced brand visibility, increased brand awareness and increased productivity. Today, in this article we will dig more into the benefits of incorporating Social media feeds on the website.

What are Social Media Feeds?

Before diving deep into the benefits of adding social media feeds on website, you must know what actually the social media feeds are? Social media feeds are nothing beyond the social media posts, which your consumers share in the form of comments, posts, mentions, photographs, videos, etc.

The social media feed is the catalog of all the updated content which your followers post on different social media channels like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Incorporating social media feeds on website is helpful and profitable when it comes to spreading the word about your brand’s loyalty, trust, and product quality. Computing and showcasing this user-generated content on the website will help you gain more audience and enhanced brand exposure.

Benefits of Adding Social Media Feeds on Website

Confused about the benefits of adding social media feeds on websites? The actual benefits of adding these feeds on your website could be variable depending upon the industry type and the size of your business. But, there are some basic benefits which each & every size of business and industry type can get.

It includes:

  1. Build Engagement & Boost Organic reach: Largest audience engagement is the passkey to run a successful business and to reduce bounce rate. When you add social media feeds on website, it enhances the look and feel of your website while at the same time building the trust of your audience towards your brand.

    By showcasing compiled user-generated content on the website you will meet more attention of the user, the increased session time of a visitor, and will grab an opportunity to convert visitors into loyal customers. When you add user-generated content, the audience or the visitors start to believe in the quality of your product & brand, helping your business in seizing the attention of the customer and more potential opportunities.

  2.  Drive more Conversions: When you decide to add your accumulated social media feeds on website, you collect user-generated content from different social media platforms that your users have shared. User-generated content is the experience of the customer with your brand, which works as the social proof for your visitors. Showcasing more trustworthy, reliable, and legitimate content will attract more visitors and will also help you in driving more conversion.

    Visitors on your website want to know what your regular or past consumers had to say about your brand, and according to that, they build trust in your business or brand. The higher the quality of the Social media content posted on the website, the higher is the conversion rate.

  3. Equipped with real-time update functionality: When you add social media feeds on website, it displays more accurate and updated user-generated content, which is collected from different social media channels. To carry out this task, different social media aggregator tools are available in the market to do it easily and efficiently.

    Tools like Taggbox, Tagembed,, and many more can help you in collecting, analyzing, and showcasing the most updated social media feeds on websites. You can optimize the interval of updating the feeds on the website according to your need and the content available.
  4. Improvised SEO: Obsession towards social media is seen in every age group. When you collect and embed social media feeds on website, it will convince your visitor to stay on your website, see or read those reviews, and increase the number of clicks on your website. When the number of clicks is increased, your profits increase.

    When you attract more visitors, increase the number of clicks, convert your visitors into your customers, and improve your rate of investment. By displaying more relevant content, the performance of your website will improve, and it will help you in improvising the SEO of your website and will result in an improved rank on the search engine result page.
  • Grow your Social Influence: There might be a possibility that your official website followers do not know about your social media channels. Or the social media followers do not channelize with you through your official website.

    While you add social media feeds on website, you combine the content from different platforms, showcase it, and maximize your audience reach by connecting your audience on one platform from all different channels. It will help you build trust, traffic, and bond or relation with your audience. This will help you in increasing your brand awareness, brand visibility, and enhanced social influence.

Coming to an End

The above-mentioned benefits are very few out of which you receive when you embed your social media feeds on a website. These days social media has become one of the most influential hatchets through which you can target most of your audience and can use it as a marketing strategy.

What are you waiting for? Yet, if you have not embedded social media feeds on your website, do it now! Enhance your brand awareness, increase your brand visibility, improvise the rank of your website, gain more customers, and enhance your profit percentage.

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