The Best 5 Islands to visit in the Maldives

1. Kaafu

Among the 13 inhabited coral islands of Kaafu, in addition to North Male and South Male, Kaashidu Island, Gaafaru Atoll, Maafushi, Tilafushi, Guraidhoo, and others are of interest to tourists. the archipelago of Kaafu. There are 2 thousand people who live permanently on it.

A coconut paradise in the blue of the ocean – this is the only way to characterize this place. The strip of soft white sand all along the shoreline is extremely comfortable. Coconuts hang over your head.

Local bungalow hotels are quite affordable. Diving, snorkeling, fishing, and boat trips are the main attractions for tourists. The island of Maafushi has located 27 km from the capital Male. Tourists are given the northern tip of the island, although guesthouses are found throughout the territory. Maafushi is famous for its budget hotels and 2 coral sand beaches.

On them, women can stand in the water in bathing suits (on other beaches in the Maldives, they must swim in light clothing) Gaafaru, the only atoll east of Kaafu, located 63 km from Male, is an elliptical island of the coral reef.

It surrounds a huge lagoon with a diverse world of marine life. Divers flock here like honey flies – the underwater kingdom beckons them with a kaleidoscope of colors and sights.

2. Meemu

Meemu’s ring-shaped coral reef is 30km wide and spans 47km and surrounds a picturesque area of bright blue water. The whole is covered with green “spots” 35 small islands, of which only 9 are inhabited.

Of these, only 2 islands are equipped for tourists. Meemu only became available to them in the late 1990s. There are hotels, diving centers, and equipment rental for aquatic entertainment.

Meemu resembles the shape of the open shark jaws, which is very symbolic: reef sharks live in local waters at a depth of 20m. One of the dive spots (dive site) is called “Shark Tongue” and is only accessible to experienced divers due to the strong current.

The second Giant Clam dive site is safer for beginners and snorkelers. Giant tortoises live in this place, bright anemone groves, various algae, and coral clusters are pleasing to the eye.

3. Fulidhoo

At 65 km from the Maldivian capital, in Fulidhoo there is a placer of coral islands, which are part of 2 atolls: the main large and small. Of the 19, only 5 lived, with a population of 2.3 thousand people, making Fulidhoo the smallest administrative district in the Maldives. The best dive spot in the archipelago is Fotteyo Candu, a dive site with a pristine coral reef.

 There is a coral reef near Diggiri Island where many divers come.

The local hotel offers 45 cozy bungalows. Even during the rainy season (March-October), there are many tourists: short showers do not affect the temperature and the underwater world. Families with children prefer to stay on the island of Alimata: they are attracted by the shallow water of the lagoon, the excellent beaches, and the comfortable bungalow hotels. You can check the best islands in the Maldives for families.

The fine coral sand covers all the beaches of the inhabited islands, equipped with good infrastructure in the form of comfortable sunbeds and umbrellas. Their use is included in the cost of the hotel stay.

4. Faafu

The archipelago of Faafu (North Naladhe) includes 23 picturesque islands, 6 of which are inhabited, and is separated from the city of Male by 120 km, which can be overcome by seaplane. A truly magical world of surprising colors and sounds opens up before the eyes of admired tourists.

A gentle whisper of turquoise waves sparkling in the sun breaks the breath of a gentle breeze. The tropical flora amazes with the brightness of the green, in contrast with the whiteness of the coral sand.

Among the inhabited islands, the world-famous Filitheio is a coral paradise in the middle of the ocean.

A small coral reef surrounded by pearl white beaches, covered with coconut palms and other exotic plant species. Local hotels – eco-thatched villas set among palm trees on the beaches or stilts just above the emerald lagoon.

The enchanting untouched nature is in perfect harmony with the unusually developed infrastructure. All kinds of beach and water activities, a dive center, spa and fitness centers, and the internet w / n make local rest incredibly interesting.

5. Baa

A true jewel of the Maldives, the Baa archipelago is made up of 51 coral islands made up of 61 coral species. All formations are a biosphere reserve under UNESCO protection since 2011. Almost every small island is surrounded by an underwater coral reef with a rich diversity of the underwater world. This factor attracts 350,000 divers every year.

Some reefs have unique characteristics. For example, Furthermore has a special structure unique to the Maldives. The southernmost island of Olhugiri is covered with amazing vegetation, where only rare birds nest – large frigates. The 139700 hectares of the reserve in the coastal and marine areas are home to a huge number of marine and amphibian fauna species.

Dozens of species of sea turtles, whale and reef sharks, dolphins, hammerhead sharks, and many more. Among the most famous tourist destinations is the island-hotel Sonevafshi Resort, which stands out for its luxurious beauty. Divers all over the world choose it for the abundance of dolphins around. The population of Baa is 12,170 people, skilled craftsmen in the manufacture of various souvenirs. Lacquer miniatures are in great demand among tourists.

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