Things to do during Lockdown.

Hello readers, I Hope you are are doing good? Or maybe not that much because of this lockdown.

Nowadays, it’s very clear and recommended: #STAYHOME! #STAYSAFE, Most of the countries are under Coronavirus Lockdown and we must stay home if you want to be safe, as that is the only best possible way we have now to make ourselves and our dear once safe. So, now how to kill this boredom at home during this lockdown? No need to worry here I am to give you some ideas on how to use this time for Productive & Fun Things.

Boredom is because for the same daily routine, and because of less work and more time, its time to convert those extra number of hours into something productive or increase your skills, learn something new, or change your life’s goal. So let’s start and here is the following list of productive and fun things you can do at home During Lockdown:

Type of things you can do.

1. Skill development.

2. Stay Homestays Healthy and Fit.

3. Stay home Give time to your relations,

4. Work on personality development.

5. Fight COVID-19 isolation awareness tips

1. Skills development:

Trying new things is an excellent way to learn, grow and improve your skills. Try to come out of your comfort zone and try something different as per your hobbies or interest. Things which you can follow are as follows,

a. Technologies: if you are tech-savvy then you can learn new technologies, now a day’s work is moving very fast in this sector and on a daily basis, we have some things in the market. So you need to update yourself if you want to survive and do well here, and this is the best time to learn new things and technologies.

 If you are in the development sector, you can learn new computer languages, work on improving your logics.

 You can work on Artificial Intelligence(AI) which is the future of technology.

b. Cooking Skills: This is the most important part of every once’s life, it doesn’t matter if you don’t know cooking, but most of us like eating good and tasty food. So this is the time when you can improve your cooking skills and get some fame among your known once.

c. Reading and Writing: Never ending habit for humans, it doesn’t matter how much grows and how much we have technologies, but this thing will never change, and in fact, this is the best way to learn things and to express your ideas. And this is the best time to increase your knowledge and experience, Who know this will help you in future when you have kids and they ask for those things which you learn now 😉 jokes apart.

d. Travel: yes Travel!, but one thing I am not saying to go out and travel anyplace. As it’s a lockdown, but in this tech era, you can easily explore all the places, by just sitting in front of a computer. You can explore new places and plan your future travel destination,

2. Stay Homestays Healthy and Fit:

As we all know that in this era it’s quite very important to be fit and healthy, but due to this epidemic/lockdown it’s not possible to go gym or outdoor for work out.

But don’t take this as a negative, while staying at home we can do a lot of physical workout to make our body and mind fit and healthy.

We have a lot of household things which we can use as work out equipment. And also we can follow many exercises which don’t need any kind of equipment, those exercises we can perform just with our body only.

Few of them are as follow:

                Plank to Dolphin


                Plank Tap

                Forearm Side Plank with Twist

                Bicycle Crunch

                Plank to Downward Dog

                Diamond Push-up

                Lateral Plank Walk

                Boat Pose

Apart from these workout, you can start your day with green tea Lukewarm lemon water; this will help you in losing fat.

3. Stay home Give time to your relations:

As we all know how much relationships are important in our life, but in this era, it’s a bit difficult to give time to all those relationships on daily basis, in some cases we even don’t even talk to a person who is in our life from a long time, so this is the best time to recover all those blurred relationships. Here are the few things which you can try during this lockdown, which help you to develop a healthy and deep relationship. 

a. Give time to your parents, spouse or children while you are staying home.

b. Make a voice or video call to all you’re known once.

c. Do some house fun activities or any game with your family members.

d. Help them in different household works.

4. Work on personality development.

Personality means, how is your nature, how you look, how you feel for others and how confident you are while expressing yourself in front of others.

And this play’s a most important role in your growth; indirectly you can say if you want to grow and achieve your goal then you need to work on your personality.

It’s the best time to work on this part of your life. Following things on which you need to work.

a. Confidence: Confidence is the key to success, if someone is confident about anything, then he can achieve anything. To improve this we have a big opportunity and we need to utilize this. You can work on your weaknesses, where you are lacking. To make your personality strong, carry yourself in a confident way, groom yourself nicely, and always stand tall.

b. Communication: To express yourself you need to have good communication skills, and nowadays you can spend your time in this, and the good thing about this is that you need not go anywhere to improve this. There are log ways by which you can improve this, like reading newspapers, books, and also there are many mobile apps available from where you can work in different languages. There are different tutor available who can help you over the video calls.

c. Dress: The first impression is the last impression, and for anyone the first impression is your dress, dressing sense speaks before you actually say anything. So you need to work on this, you can plan the best combination as per the occasions, and this will help you in improving your Personality.

d. Body Language: Body language gives an idea about your confidence level to others. So we need to work on this and the best way to do this by watching others, and by doing some mirror discussion with yourself to judge yourself and work on your lacks.

e. Positive Attitude: By having a positive attitude we can transform our life. It leads us to be optimistic, hopeful, cheerful and joyous people, which we all want. It is said, “count not your life in a number of breaths that you breathe, count your life in a number of moments that took your breath away“. So to become positive and motivated you need to focus on a few things: stay away from the negative people, always think positive and Study some successful person’s stories, books or novels. 

5. Fight COVID-19 isolation awareness:
Nowadays anything doesn’t become an uncontrollable issue unless there are rumors and false news related to it. And in this tech era its quite very easy to spread any rumors or any of the false news, it spread like a forest fire. So, first of all, we need to stay away from such bad news and content, don’t trust any of the news unless you get it from any trustworthy source. Don’t believe in any social media shared news unless it forms any trusted source and don’t ever forward any such news also. Be a responsible person and make your surroundings safe and healthy.

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