Tools Etab & Staad pro how different are they from each other?

Best courses for better career choices for civil engineering students:

After doing a diploma in civil engineering or doing a degree in civil engineering there are many different courses to enhance your skills and knowledge. There are many different types of training and courses on the online platform. For more deep information about civil engineering software training, there are STAAD pro training, Etabs, MS Excel, Primavera P6, SketchUp, and many more. This software is very good for your skill learning. By learning this software one can earn a much high salary as compared to some other civil engineers.

Many software tutorials can guide you about those software properties, usage, and management. There are many live tutorial sessions that anyone can watch and learn software such as tabs tutorial, MS Excel tutorial, and more. The tutorial is in the form of a video so it is easier to understand. Courses and tutorials for civil engineering students are specialized learning platforms for students.

Any student who has completed his or her diploma in civil engineering, bachelor in civil engineering, and masters in civil engineering can understand all the online courses and tutorials for all the civil engineering software such as Staad. Pro, Etabs, MS Excel, and more courses related to civil engineering.

A good teacher and guide are very important for learning. There are many online software learning courses for civil engineers. All these courses are guided by the best teachers with good command of the software. There is much different software for different works in civil engineering. All the software all classified according to their work need. The list of software is as follows:

Software is mainly classified into three different types in civil engineering depending on:

1.Depending on the architecture

2.Depending on project management

3.Depending on Structural

1)Architectural software: Architectural software is based on planning and designing the interior and exterior of the projects. This software is all about the outer design and correct placement of all the shapes and sizes. This software makes the blueprint of all the projects like roads, bridges, buildings, dams, canals, bridges, railways, and more.

Architectural based software are as follows:

·      AUTOCAD

·      LUMION

·      RHINO

·      CANVAS

·      ARCHI CAD

·      3DS-MAX


·      REVIT CAD



2)Structural Software: Structural software based on the analysis and design of the structural members. This software is also helping to fulfill your project’s structural design. This software helps in projects like roads, bridges, buildings, dams, canals, bridges, railways, and many more.

Structural based software is as follows:

·      STAAD PRO

·      SAP2000

·      Takeoff

·      Autodesk Revit

·      RISA

·      SAFE

·      3d Max

·      Auto Cad

·      Etabs

·      Civil 3D Cadd

·      Tekla

·      Gaster Cad

·      And more.

3)Project management: Project management is also very important for the completion and growth of the good future of the project. While working on the project management is also very important all the architectural-based software and structural-based software are used in the project management process. There are many project management software which is listed below:

·      Asana

·      Celoxis

·      Zenkit

·      Function Fox


·      Smartsheet

·      PODIO


·      Microsoft Project

·      Mavenlink

·      And more.

Anybody can learn all these civil engineering-based software in a very simple manner. You just need a laptop with you and a good internet connection connected to it. There are many courses like Etabs and Staad pro software are taught there is a very easy way so anybody can learn them.

Benefits you get from Etabs and Staad software course learning:

·A good pay scale.

·White collar job.

·You can learn at home through the internet.

·No time restriction (flexible timing) for learning.

·Evergreen job, demand for civil engineers never stops.

·Can do both on-site job, and off-site job.

·Leadership quality will improve and self-learning.

·You get a chance to learn from the best teachers in these courses.

·Knowledge increases about the live project.

·Government jobs are also available.

·High demand in other countries for civil engineers.

·Job satisfaction is more after taking the course.

·Stress-free job as you will know software.

·Good job for girls as you will get a white-collar job.

·Course is pocket-friendly that is.

·You will get a chance to share your queries with professional guides or specialized teachers.

·These courses will support you to practice as much time you want to learn with lifetime access.

·Courses will help you to be disciplined and self-paced.

What is Etab?

Etab is the most used civil engineering software which is used in architecture and structure-based works. It is one of the trendiest civil engineering software online courses these days. It is a little resembling to Staad pro but they are both different in some ways. It is well-built software for civil engineers. It is very user-friendly (easy-to-use software).

 It is mostly used by structural engineers for the investigation and designing of the project. It is a robust and very easy-to-use software tool used by civil engineers. What can you do with Etabs software are listed below:

·Solution techniques

·Analysis methods

·Code depended on load prescription

·Modeling tools


·Advance systems in static and dynamic conditions, and more.

Who can do the Etab software course?

To be eligible for Etab software learning one should have these qualifications which are written below:

1.Diploma in civil architecture and diploma in civil engineering.

2.Bachelor in civil engineering Or architecture engineering branch

3.Master’s in civil engineering or architecture engineering branch.

4.Experience in the civil engineering and architecture field is also good for this software learning.

What is Staad Pro?

Staad Pro is software used in civil engineering. This software helps in designing many types of steel, aluminum, timber, and concrete design codes. There is much different analysis from traditional to advance static methods.

Staad pro software has many features that are mentioned below:-

•     Analytical Modeling

•     Physical Modeling

•     Building Planner

•     Advance Concrete Design

•     Advance Slab Design

•     Earthquake Modeling, and more.

Who can do the STAAD PRO software course?

Eligible criteria for Staad Pro software learning is written below:

1.Diploma in civil engineering.

2.Bachelor in civil engineering.

3. Masters in civil engineering.

Comparison between Staad Pro and Etab software.

Comparison based on     STAAD PRO Software           ETAB Software
FlexibilityMore flexible for professionals.Good for learners.
AccuracyIt is less accurate.It is more accurate.
TimeIt takes less time.It takes more time.
Current TrendingWidely used overall everywhere.Less use there days by engineers.
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