Top 3 Amazing Ways To Embed Instagram Widget On A Website

What makes a brand huge and recognizable all around the world? – Marketing. If you remove marking maneuvers – Coke is just a soda, Adidas just a sports brand, etc. list is long. Marketing makes a huge difference, and hence businesses pay extra focus on their marketing tactics.

With the introduction of social media, marketing has reached a new level and allows brands to capture a new audience and spread awareness about their respective brands. However, while we talk about social media marketing for brands, one cannot afford to ignore Instagram.

With over 1.074 billion active monthly users, it stands as one of the most influential social media platforms and hence gets a special position in the brand’s social media marketing strategies. It provides a great medium for brands to express themselves. And while some brands restrict themselves from using Instagram within the platform’s boundaries, many opt to display Instagram feed on the website as they embed Instagram widget on the website and showcase Instagram content on their websites, enhancing the visuals and functionality of the website.

This strategy has been an effective one for businesses, and if you too want to enjoy some amazing benefits from the platform, and here is how you can do it.

Techniques To Embed Instagram Widget On Website

Embedding Instagram widget on website is a smart way to extract maximum benefits from the platform. In this age of the internet and fierce competition, consumers can explore various brands and their websites by just sitting at home. Hence, it becomes crucial to have some x-factor on your website to attract customers, create a good impression, and hold them on the website. As all these measures help to attain sales and reach desired goals.

There are various ways to embed Instagram widget on the website, but to save your time, we are listing 3 simplest ways to for this measure. Even if you aren’t from a technical background or does not have any coding skill or knowledge, you can still use the following steps and successfully own a website that showcases Instagram feeds.

1.    Using Social Media Aggregators

Social media aggregators are amazing tools that assist users in collecting social feeds from various social media platforms. It allows users to curate and customize them before displaying the feeds on the website. Most of the tools provide a dedicated Instagram widget that users can embed on the website, these widgets display Instagram feed on the website without any hassle or without affecting the speed of the website.

As mentioned before, social media aggregators do not require any coding knowledge or skill to operate. You just need to copy the embedding code and paste it on the backend of your website.

Along with simplifying the embedding process, it provides various other features like – Customization that allows you to personalize the widget as per your requirement; you can change the font size, layouts, themes, font styles, and more to match the widget as your needed style. Moderation helps you to filter out all unwanted and irrelevant content from your widget and maintain the quality of your website.

Custom CSS, custom CTA, analytics are some of the significant features of these tools. Moreover, social media aggregators are compatible with all major CMS website-building platforms such as HTML, Squarespace, and more.

2.    Using WordPress Plugins

According to recent studies from the Search Engine Journal, WordPress powers 39.5% of all websites. So if your website is amongst them, then you can easily embed an Instagram widget on the website, and that is by using WordPress plugins. Various Instagram feed WordPress plugins are readily available on the WordPress plugin store, which provides you with the widget that displays Instagram posts and content on your WordPress website.

Like social media aggregators, even these plugins provide you with various features that help add great relevance to this strategy. For example, you can customize the widgets to show your artistic side or use moderation to remove all unwanted content from the feeds on your website.

3.    Using Instagram Embedding Code

Instagram itself provides you with the ability to embed Instagram posts on your website without any tool. You just need to select the post you want to embed, copy the embedding code of that particular post and paste it into your website’s backend.

Although this is a simple process but has some limitations – like you have to copy and paste the embedding code of each post every time you choose to display any feed on your website. Also, you cannot customize the widget as per your need; you just have to settle with the original content style. 

Summing It Up

Instagram provides a great aid to businesses and plays a vital role in various marketing plans. So while you can use the platform beyond its platform boundaries, why not explore it, right? And as these techniques are simple, you can easily adopt them. So utilize the platform to its fullest, embed an Instagram widget on your website with the methods mentioned above, and watch your business grow.

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