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If one blissful thing we need to define in life then that is the cat. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about cats? There are a lot of words followed afterward like a notorious, playful, awful, funny, curious, climber, and many others. But perhaps the most suitable word that could define our friend is playful. There lie many key reasons behind that. On top of the list is that they are childish and every child loves to explore what’s around them. As such our feline friend is perfect suited for this noun.

Though the way it dresses is important like cat bandanas or cat hammocks what’s more important are the toys to mimic its childish nature. There are a wide variety of toys that are helpful for cats as they will enjoy its company. Let us get started but before that don’t forget to visit the pawsandwhiskersstore where you will find all kinds of accessories and utilities required by our feline friend. Not only this, here you could get free access to all the latest blogs related to cats plus furry friend that is the dog. Without wasting our time, let us get started.

Types of toys for your feline friend

  • Cat balls & chasers– As we know that cats love to play and chase the ball. You will get to see your cat run across your house like a lunatic. To improve their reflexes, cat balls and chasers are a great way to ensure that your cat is ready for anything. Such types of toys are not confined under age bars. You will enjoy watching them play.

Adding to the tally is the catnip to make your cat go crazy with its soothing smell where to make them go wild, they will rub against the cat toys and even run faster than it. There are several types of cat balls & chasers out of which the most popular are being shown below.

  • Candy Color Ball Cat Toy Filled with Organic Catnip– This candy ball comes in a range of attractive candy colors that are bound to attract your kitty. It is the perfect toy to stimulate your kitty hunting desire. The best thing about this toy is that it is completely non-toxic which will be a helpful way to up your kitty desire to chew and eat the toy.
  • Bouncy Ball: Cat Toy for Active Play– to let your play session more fun, this ball cat toy is perfect which you can roll over it and chew. The best thing about this that it is completely and non-toxic that can satisfy its hunting instinct. It is available in three vibrant colors which are orange, red, and pink to attract your cat’s attention. With a diameter of 4cm, it is a perfect play by the kitten, cats, and small dogs.
  • Automatic Rotating Teaser Cat Toy with Sound and Laser Light– with automatic laser light and feather band, this combination is undoubtingly is the best thing for your feline friend. It is powered by a battery that spins automatically on the floor with shooting out the red light. It is also more stable and skid-proof.
  • Cat Interactive Toys– as we all know that cat toys have come a long way. From being the feather at the end of the stick to an array of automatic cat toys that will keep your cat amused for hours. We offer some of the best cat interactive toys including the rotating track cat toy and many others.
  • Three Level Cat Tower– With hours of fun, this interactive toy is perfect to gift your pet with hours of fun. It comes with bright-colored balls for your cat’s amusement. All you need to do is simply spin the ball and let your cat do the needful exercise doing back and forth. You have a right to make them play with this lovely interactive toy.
  • Electric Wagging Fish Cat Toy for Interactive Playing– the perfect fish stimulator for your kitty where while she touches it, it runs through the electronic sensor, and as a result, the fish will wag its tail which will stimulate your kitty to chew, eat and wrestle with it. A fun way to lift the adrenaline rush at your kitty.
  • Cat plush toy– Though, cats have sharp claws but that doesn’t mean that they can’t play with our gentle toys. These cat plush toys are an interactive way to let their heartbeat pumping.
  • Cat Scratchers & Towers– kitties are the animal who loves to relax and loves to play more notoriously and funnily. That one nature that is highly prominent in them is the nag of chewing and scratching anything that comes their way. You don’t want her to scratch your expensive furniture. Therefore, cat scratcher, a particular type of toy meant only for her to let her chew providing them with the best of comforts. There are wide varieties of cat scratchers in the market which are as stated below.
  • Fluffy Cat House With Scratch Board and Hanging Ball– one of the essential toys to make your kitty adore every aspect of it and enhance its quality to a high level. This fluffy cat house is perfect to snuggle and enjoy in a more fun way that is used to increase the quality of her life.

But from the inside, it’s a cool and smooth surface to curl up in triangular form. It is available in two different colors that are brown and grey.


Briefing the entire content, in short, I simply want to add that these are some of the important toys for your feline friend which will stimulate her to want more and more. It is available in much more affordable market-friendly rates with the best-quality stuff.

Thanks for your highly precious time in going through the entire article. If you found it interesting and worthy, then don’t forget to share it with all your friends and relatives and make paws and whiskers a global brand in the market. Stay safe, stay home.

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