Upcoming Magento development trends

Ecommerce websites are always evolving, and there are new trends every year; now, everyone is keeping an eye on the hottest trends of eCommerce. Technology is always evolving; every day, there is an innovation that brings advancements in eCommerce too, a website with new features preferably be liked by the customer.

So here are the most popular advancements that you can inculcate in your store and make it more futuristic and attractive. The upcoming Magento development trends are discussed in this article.

Voice Search: Today, a lot of people like to search using their voice assistants like Google assistant, etc. It is a really cool feature, though. You can add this feature to your Magento store to let the users of the website search for products using speech. Grocery shopping has shown a significant increase in voice searches. According to a study done by Comscore, voice-based searching is increasing rapidly, that half of the internet browsing will become voice-based voice-based.

Many eCommerce platforms have already added the voice search feature; now it’s your turn. There are plugins available in Magento which you can use to enable voice search.

Chatbot: A chatbot is another feature that is becoming popular these days, especially in FAQs and customer queries. A chatbot can help resolve customer queries and assist them in navigation and site map. The scope of the chatbot is not limited to these, and it can be used to further automate things and make shopping easier. It enhances customer engagement which in turn results in an increased purchase. Many companies use a chatbot as the first receptionist to deal with customer queries and if the query is still unsolved, then redirect it to customer care officers and agents. This arrangement has proved really useful, as the chatbot already solves many queries, thus saving your employees’ time.

Magento provides a lot of plugins to integrate chatbots and AI tools. These technologies are constantly evolving, and their applications are increasing too.

AR/VR: Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are the technologies capable of changing the world around us. If we talk about their effect on the eCommerce industry, then these are capable of enhancing user experience. They can take the eCommerce experience to a whole different level. Imagine what you are going to buy can be tried out virtually before buying with AR/VR. You can project a sofa into your room virtually and see how it looks with your wall (or whatever way you choose).

Push Notifications: Push notifications have proved to be an important factor in increasing sales. When the user gets the notification for the product she was waiting for, she immediately checks out the link. Push notification plays a wider role in customer engagement and increases traffic on your website. It is a very important feature and should be enabled in your Magento store. Push notifications reduce cart abandonments as customers get notified when their desired product is available.

Headless Commerce: Headless commerce provides flexibility over changing front end and backend independently of each other, and it allows integration of CRM and ERP systems with the existing app. It allows the marketing team to easily change a website’s content without needing a developer to make changes to the code, which is a really cool and important feature as it gives more power to the marketing team and saves resources and time for employees.

People are moving towards this technique as it allows the marketing team to focus on the content without needing and waiting for the code changes.

Making B2B consumer-centric: To make Business to Business more personalized and more consumer-centric, then follow these:

User Experience – try to improve the user experience, try various plugins to make your site beautiful and attractive, provide features to assist, for example – show pop-ups, animations to explain your ideas and deals.
New Customers – try to bring in new customers by ads and social media marketing, use offers to attract new customers as new customers are really important for the growth of your business.
Customer loyalty programs – customer loyalty programs are important for keeping your existing customers intact and engaging with your site.
Personalization – it is really important to provide a personalized experience and explore the techniques of personalization to improve users’ experience.
Speed – speed does matter; no one wants to wait too long for the website to load or some operation to execute, explore the techniques to make your site load faster and use the best practices for good performance of your site.
Reward – reward programs are important to increase customer involvement, like referral offers are really nice to bring new customers to your business.
Discounts – this is another offering that you should provide to your customers to love your site and spread the word. The discounts could be based on the purchase value and nicely calculated to increase conversions and revenue.
Multi-channel Selling – selling your products on more than one channel is termed multi-channel Selling as different users prefer different platforms. Make sure they see your store on the platform they like or general use.
Video marketing – videos prove effective in conveying messages and make your site interactive; try using videos to explain your ideas or concepts on your site.
Omni-channel experience simply means providing the user with the different channels to connect with your store or business. It gives more power to the user and improves the user experience.
Artificial Intelligence: Various techniques of AI can be used to improve the user experience like recommendations, personalized promotions, etc. Google Duplex is a tool that can generate grocery lists and even place orders. Another one is Amazon Dash that can make purchases. AI automates a lot of things that used to be done manually. These techniques are brand new in eCommerce, and a lot of eCommerce is bringing these to their stores. With AI-powered CRM, you can make the best use of the customer data and generate the best offers and promotions to win their trust.

Social Media Marketing: Well, social media marketing is not brand new. There have been changes in the techniques and best practices. Social media can give you a lot of insights and data. Also, the sharing of posts is so easy and fast in social media through messengers that it becomes an important promotional activity for eCommerce websites. It can be used to boost website traffic. It can be used to show the product and brand authority. Nice for getting feedback and reviews, as most social media users feel free to comment.

The techniques discussed in this article are really effective in increasing sales. If you haven’t already enabled these in your store, try them out and see how it affects the sales and customer experience. Good luck!

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