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You have got the keys for your new abode, which is essentially an old one. Your excitement knows no bounds seeing the keys of the home, which is yours now. But a hidden surprise that was waiting inside for you has simply ruined your happiness.

Your joy just dispersed seeing the flooring, which needs immediate attention. Redoing it all over again is the only way to improve its looks. But you have already used your savings for the home.

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Refurbishing the floor will definitely beautify the look of the home. But to hire a designer for assistance might need you to break the bank. There is an inexpensive way to do it on your own with the help of this blog.

Few expert tips to guide you through the process have been shared. Read to know more.

Why is flooring important?

Indeed, the floor is like the first impression that allures your eyes when you make an entry at home. If the flooring is not right, it can damage the total appearance of the home. Often, this is the main issue when you buy an old home.

In fact, flooring is one of the pivotal features that complete a home. Renovations like changing the wall paint, adding lighting fixtures, etc., are less challenging than flooring. This involves hefty steps which you might think cannot be done easily.

Can you change the flooring?

Yes, you can handle your own flooring project and save a lot of cash. But you need to do extensive research on what would suit you best. You must know that you can do it if you are ready to bear the exertion level that will come your way.

On the opposite, if you don’t desire such exertions, it is better to hire a designer. But you will miss the joy of completing the flooring with your own hands. This could be a priceless experience for you.

You can easily catch relevant ideas on how you can modify the flooring. It can easily accomplish by proceeding online. But the execution part could be difficult.

There is a guide on different ways you can alter your home’s flooring. Take a look at it.

Slanting or sloping floors

Some part of the floor is slating while some part is flat. In a similar fashion, the sloping part might have covered some area. Don’t mistake it with a general slope which might be the case of a foundation problem. In this case, you should call the repair company to do the needful without delay.

How to fix it?

There are reasons for damage to the wooden part of the house that is fixed to the foundation. It could be due to termites, water, carpenter ants or rotting behind the damage. The foundation footer has subsided or sunk when the floor is flat.

These problems can easily be identified, and you can approach respective companies for the repair work. But if you desire to do it, you just have to add new footers. For that, you will have to jack up the part that sunk.

Since you will be doing it thus, it might take a lot of time to jack up the affected portion of the house. But you need to do this carefully as it can cause cracks in drywall, windows, or other house structures.

Then, simply remove the jack and level it once again in order to stabilize the floor.

Sagging floors

These are not like the previous ones. It might happen that you have perfectly levelled up the floor from end to end, but there is a sag or dip in some areas. This might not be the result of a foundation problem.

However, the joist or beam below the floor is not perfect. That is why it is causing a dipping. To correct it, you must shore it up. You can even use a floor levelling compound to solve the problem.

Floor levelling could be a huge task. For that, you must look for assistance. You should wear proper eye protection while doing this project for your home.

How to fix it

Some easy steps can sum up the whole repair work in case of sagging or dipping the floor. These are:

Self-levelling underlayment can be poured to fix the problematic area. This is a compound used to rectify sags or dips in the flooring. But this would perform up to a specific profoundness.

You can jack up saggy joists by going to the basement. Then, just sister them up in order to ensure they remain straight once the jacks are removed. Sistering is a technique to join two boards with a bolt, nut and washer. The new board will give support to the comparatively weak board.

You can prop up the joists by placing adjustable steel columns beneath them. For the steel column to give support, its base should be secured to the floor of the basement.

There is another way to fix the top side of the floor. You just need to apply a new hardwood above the existing floor.

The bottom line

A new home is like a dream come true for many. But when it demands major alternations to upgrade the look, it just transforms into a reason of stress from a reason of happiness. But there are alternative means that can help you do the renovations with less money and with your own effort.


If you have queries related to flooring renovation, you can find this blog helpful.

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