What Kind of Job or Salary you can Expect with PMP Certification?

PMP Certification

Expected Salary – $100,000- $110,000

Project Management Professional Certification has three requirements: Time, Cost and Scope. It has a course duration of 3 years. It is a challenging course that consists of various range of modules that help academia in locating and identifying the weak areas within a project. As a result, the project manager can brief his or her team to come up with alternative ideas for completing the test of sprint phase and gradually attain all the milestones towards an error-free deliverable product. 

The Project Management Professional Certification (PMP) is authorized with the Project Management Institute (PMI). They work continuously to bring about new changes within the course contents, and they keep updating it with further information and the rapidly changing requirements of the industry.

Requirements for PMP exams

  • Must have a secondary degree (high school, diploma, or associate degree) 
  • Must have 7,500 hours of leading and directing projects in a team
  • It also needs 35 hours of project management. 
  • It will also work with a four-year degree. 
  • Leading and directing many as 4,500 projects

The Importance of project management certificates 

The average certified project manager goes through various steep project development section, with all of it being a training module of its own nature.

Due to the continuous vigorous and challenging training, the project manager is gradually capable of handling various range of risks and challenges. They also learn to pre-set tasks to help increase the flow of the business industry. A certified manager can manage an entire workforce in charge of achieving a milestone. 

PMP Certification carrying candidates get an increase up to 20% salary than the ones that do not have it. 

Roles of PMP Certification jobs

  1. Office Management -The management of the PMO office, provides guidance, directions, and oversees the functions of Project Management within a company. It requires in-depth knowledge of all the areas of PMBOK and also the steps or rules related to the PMP role. It is the high paying job of PMP Certification. It also has the responsibilities of checking the delivery of projects and rescheduling the budgets and salaries of different variety of projects. It has an expectant wage of $200,000. 
  1. Construction Project Manager – It is a PMP Certified job that needs an immense amount of hard work and time. They can work for multiple companies and also keep up with various projects at a time. It is a high paying job due to the hard work needed in it. It provides guidance and communication. The expectant salary for this particular job is $150,000. 
  1. PP Manager – PP stands for Portfolio and Programing Manager, it is yet another top-paying PMP certificate job. They receive their tasks from Senior Project Managers about the specific projects and mixing them all together into a reporting structure. It has an expectant salary of $140,000. 
  1. Resources Project Management Professional – The management which is related to gathering and usage of resources is known as Resources Project Management. It has an expected Salary of $134,577.
  1. Consulting Project Management Professional – The consulting project management professional is a project manager that works for a consulting company. It has an expectant salary of $134,149. 
  1. Pharmaceutical Project Management Professional-It has an expected Salary of $133,246.Pharmaceutical Project Management Professionals are required to check the new products and the latest iterations of the old products. They manage a project by assigning roles and tasks to a specific member
  1. Aerospace Project Management Professionals – A Project Manager focused on Aerospace industry can be included in the top-paying jobs of PMP certificate. It usually necessitates copyrighting processes and trade secrets. It has an expected Salary of $129,732. 
  1. Engineering Project Management Professional – Engineer Project Management Professional plays the role of keeping the engineers in check and helping them stay focused on their tasks so that it gets completed before the deadline. Engineering Project Manager also has specific responsibilities outside of engineerings such as scheduling, buying materials that are required, Planning documentation approval, budget, and cost management. They must manage almost all the features of a particular project. It has an expected Salary of $124,434. 

PMP Certification not only makes your resume look better and attractive but also provides you with a high paying and stable job. The Importance of this particular certificate keeps increasing each year. Therefore these can be an excellent choice for a better and stable career path. 

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