What to Look in a Hair Dryer if You have Fine Hair? A Comprehensive Guide

The facts confirm that numerous ladies truly grasped their natural hair surface in 2020, yet in some cases, it actually feels like we’re all needing the hair type we’ll never have. I know many fine-haired women out there may feel that slant occasionally, and attempting to discover instruments to accomplish more volume is consistently a greater test than it should be.

Managing too fine hair or hair loss is something numerous ladies experience, yet not every person likes to discuss. Numerous people with fine hair are consistently looking for the following enormous thing that will mystically volumize and thicken their hair, and keeping in mind that numerous items and instruments surely help, tragically, there’s nothing out there that will totally change your hair type to something different. (Sorry!) With so numerous hair apparatuses available, it’s imperative to sort out what’s the best hair dryer for fine hair?

What to Look

A great many people with fine hair are searching for a more voluminous look or, at any rate, don’t need their hair to show up any more fine than it as of now is, so it’s critical to pick a dryer that will do what you need without making any harm or breakage the strands, says Fitzsimons. Attempt to search for a dryer that has ceramic or artistic tourmaline innovation. Ceramic dryers utilize delicate infrared warmth waves, which won’t harm or dry out your strands, just as equitably appropriate the warmth so you’re not frying a specific segment of hair, he says.

Furthermore, search for blow dryers with 1,300 to 1,875 wattage power. Any lower and you won’t get the ideal outcome, and any higher could be altogether too much for fine hair, according to Fitzsimons.

What to Avoid

Fitzsimons proposes keeping away from blow dryers with ionic innovation on the off chance that you have fine hair. These dryers really emanate negative particles to help separate the water atoms (which assists hair with drying quicker), yet such a large number of particles could straighten your hair out, says Fitzsimons.

Additionally, stay away from too modest dryers in case you’re searching for strong outcomes. Any time you’re attempting to take great consideration of your hair, putting resources into quality instruments and haircare is significant, however ensure you’re buying something due to the advantages, and not spending a ton just to spend a ton, according to Fitzsimons.

What to Buy

Fitzsimons recommends the Paul Mitchell Neuro Halo Dryer for all types of hair, particularly those with fine or diminishing locks. The innovation on this dryer resembles something from the future — it has a few wind current and warmth settings, so you can locate the ideal setting for your individual hair type, says Fitzsimons. In spite of the fact that this dryer has an ionic component, it gives you the choice to turn it off when you don’t need it being used.

Another expensive, yet much-cherished choice, is the Harry Josh Pro Tools Ultra Light blow dryer. This pick likewise has ionic innovation, however can be killed when you’d preferably not use. In case you’re searching for a more affordable, yet still compelling dryer, attempt the CHI Air Style Series Ceramic hair dryer, which will leave your fine hair looking great.


There are numerous hairdryer alternatives available that incorporate ionic innovation. Since it very well may be hard to track down one without particles, search for a choice that permits you to turn off the ionic element to try not to any smooth impacts on your hair. Have cheerful blow-drying

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