Why is Custom Packaging Important for Online Stores?

If we tell you that the custom box printing and packaging industry will be worth $28 billion by 2024, you won’t be surprised. After all, within the first 90 seconds of seeing a product and seeing how it is packaged, customers make immediate purchasing decisions.

In reality, 68 percent assume that a brand’s packaging makes it appear high-end, and they are willing to spend money on those products. With personalized packaging, businesses have an excellent opportunity to make their customers feel unique.

That’s where online printers can help companies by offering ImprintNext web2print product design software allowing them to step away from the same old bland brown corrugated boxes and promote themselves in a more positive light.

Businesses can design their boxes based on order quantity and packaging content using any print-ready models available on the storefront, and even set a budget for the project thanks to digital printing. Because of web-to-print technology, this is possible.

But, if you’re curious as to why online custom packaging has become so common, here are five explanations. Here’s how to do it:

1. Meet consumer expectations with custom packaging:

The eCommerce model of selling has made it incredibly easy for companies in any niche to sell their goods or services in large quantities. While this increases sales, it removes the layers of specialization used to buy from a particular brand.

Businesses like to give their consumers a sense of exclusivity, and packaging can help a lot. Using the best web-to-print packaging box design software, you can enable such businesses to personalize packaging.

They can design packaging to their taste and brand guidelines because they have access to print-ready, customized models.

They also don’t have to think about placing large orders thanks to technology. The advent of digital printing and web to print apps has made purchasing small-run printed packed boxes simpler for companies.

2. Increases Brand Value:

In today’s world, companies face fierce competition, and they must differentiate themselves as a brand in addition to providing high-quality goods or services.

Colors and packaging materials are also used to identify a brand. An online product packaging design solution will help your company carve out a niche for itself.

Remember when Amazon Storyboxes was introduced in India as a way to encourage motivational customer testimonials? A caricature of each customer is included in each package, in addition to the written word.

When you combine that with Amazon’s excellent customer service and product selection, you have a brand that appeals to the masses in every way.

Since their custom package packaging is appealing and personal, you can allow your customers to build a name for their brand, generate more sales, and improve consumer loyalty by using an online product packaging design solution. That is something that everybody enjoys!

3. Appealing:

It doesn’t matter what a company sells; they’ll need packaging for one purpose or another. Furthermore, bulk buying is a hassle that costs a lot of money. They can create boxes that best suit their product offerings with the aid of a web-to-print software solution.

For example, they can make corner pieces to keep delicate goods safe during transit if they like. Furthermore, companies do not need to have a large number of packages customized and printed. They are free to do it whenever they want and with as many people as they wish.

4. Great Unboxing experience:

Let’s face it: brand recognition is experienced by 80% of people by sight. If they like how a product is advertised or how it is packaged, the brand can get brownie points. As a result, having exclusive custom packaging is critical for brand awareness organically and rapidly.

Indeed, the demand for stylish and high-quality packaging is so high that brands are compelled to prioritize the aesthetics and appearance of their shipments above all else. Customers may, for example, reuse sturdy boxes and bags.

Furthermore, influencer marketing has exploded in popularity. You may have seen influencers filming unboxing videos to discuss the goods.

Strong feedback is more likely if the packaging is appealing. In a nutshell, if companies use product packaging design software to design their packaging properly, their customers will remember them better, which will help to increase brand awareness.

5. Attracts More Customers:

Brand storytelling is often regarded as the most effective method for establishing a long-term relationship with consumers. It’s no longer just a matter of passing along product details. It’s all about creating a narrative and setting for it.

As we’ve seen before, brands like Licious and Amazon do a brilliant job with their packaging. They uniquely tell their customer testimonials. Similarly, there are various ways to discuss the commodity.

For example, a company may explain its ingredients or discuss how the products are cruelty-free and environmentally friendly. They can create eye-catching graphics and accompanying text to show the company as more than just a service provider.

That demonstrates how much effort companies can make for their customers. It would positively affect the latter, and they would instantly become long-term fans of the brand. Packaging has this kind of strength.


Packaging is crucial in all product categories. Packaging has the ability to influence product perceptions for the better and even instigate impulse purchasing, which is great for any business trying to sell! From luxury goods and clothing to food and personal care, packaging has the power to influence product perceptions for the better and even instigate impulse buying, which is fantastic for any business trying to sell!

All of this is now possible thanks to digital printing, which eliminates the need for large quantities of corrugated boxes and other packaging materials. In the custom packaging industry, the year 2021 holds a lot of promise.

Demand for sustainability and protection among consumers is also at an all-time high. Accessing web-to-print technology is the best way to cater to this and ensure they drive sales and growth. It will allow them to create packaging that is tailored to their changing needs.

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