Why You Should Display Yelp Reviews on Your Website

Yelp has been one of the most popular Internet rating and review platforms. Launched in 2004, it is one of the oldest review websites but still holds its relevance today. It has such an impact that for every one-star increase a business gets on Yelp, they witness a 5-9% increase in their revenue.

People show great trust in online reviews, 95% of customers read the reviews before making a purchase. And, it does not end here if two products are given the same ratings, then consumers are more likely to buy the products with more reviews. And hence it becomes important to collect reviews.

So, as you know, collecting reviews is important, and so is showcasing them. So here is one simple hack – Embed Yelp reviews on the website.

You can use tools like social media aggregators that help you collect feeds from various websites and display them on your website. For example, you can use it to compile all the Yelp reviews for your business and then embed them into your website.

You must be thinking, what changes can it bring to your business, right? To convince you, we are listing a few of the major benefits of this strategy.

Benefits of embedding Yelp reviews on your website

1.    Builds Credibility

Trust and credibility is one of the most important elements for the business to attain new customers. Reviews on your website can help you win the trust of your visitors. By reading reviews, people can get a clear picture about your brand/product and therefore help them in their purchase decisions. Moreover, as you have reviews and public opinion related to your business, it builds credibility for your business.

2.    Saves times

Embedded reviews serve your customers as well. Other than helping in their purchase decision, they also save time. People always look for reviews from different sources and websites to make their decision. Hence, if they will be able to get reviews on the website, it will save their time. And increase your brand reputation as it will appear that you care about your website visitors and provide them needed information all at one palace. Moreover, you will appear transparent in front of your visitors. Therefore, you will be considered a brand that addresses their reviews and does not hide it from the world.

3.    Increases Brand Reputation

Brand reputation is another factor that helps businesses to win customers. Public opinion, brand behavior, and reviews play an important role in determining a brand’s reputation. Unfortunately, brands often hide their reviews to hide their flaws. And that eventually hampers the brand’s reputation as it does not appear genuine.

By embedding Yelp reviews, your brand appears transparent who acknowledges all the reviews. And another hidden advantage of this strategy is that people get to know how a particular product or service can change their lives. Also, when you display reviews of your customers, it appears that you care about your customers and consider their opinion, and it eventually helps you increase brand reputation.

In addition, customers feel valued when brands showcase their reviews, and hence it helps in developing a strong brand-customer relationship. Also, it helps to convert your customer into a loyal customer.

4.    Hold visitors on the website

There can be cases where people look for a review about your brand or product on the internet and eventually buy from the competitor brand. Therefore it is very important to keep them focused on your brand and increase your chance of attaining sales.

Even visitors will be happy to get reviews on the website, and they will be able to get the details about the product and its reviews on the same website. And hence it will save their time that goes into exploring for reviews. Moreover, reviews increase engagement of the website and hence helps you to hold visitors on the website. And as more visitors stay on the website, the chance of sales increases.

5.    Creates a review circle

People tend to follow the trends on the internet or try to replicate what others are doing. Hence, when people read reviews on the website, it will encourage them to write reviews for your brand. And as there will be more reviews about your product or brand, it eventually increases brand recognition, establishes the brand’s credibility, and enhances the brand’s reputation.

There might be a case where people would like to get a feature on your website and post a review about your brand to enjoy the spotlight on your website.

Summing It Up

Reviews help develop a brand’s credibility, but people often find it difficult to find genuine reviews and end up reading spam or fake reviews. Therefore, embedding the reviews on the website will provide them with some reliable sources, and it can eventually help you develop a customer base.